Author: Lyndel Daly

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An example of how we project our stuff

We sat in the restaurant observing a movie like scene playing out. Sigh… He held her hand while he spoke. She leaned into him taking in each word while their gazes held. So out of this scene each of us will interpret what we are seeing based on our perceptions, experiences, projections, conditioning, belief’s, assumptions,

A mind clearing tool

Your mind in a whirlpool with thoughts about an event going around and around and round and you have kind of stopped living? Here is a mind clearing tool for you to use. You will need a pen and paper. Write down the event that is causing you this mind chaos. Then write down all

Using ’empowering words’ for instant self confidence.

Some of the words that we use are weak and some words we use are strong. These words are easy to identify as the weak ones denote weak things, emotions etc and the strong words denote strong things, emotions. Just by using certain words we can get immediate power or in some cases they can

Choose a stance to make to support a new way of being.

At the beginning of last year I created a few goals for myself but also undertook to embrace certain ‘stances’ or behavior changes  that I believed would shift my living to a higher level of fulfillment and ultimately towards a continual state of well being, bliss. Besides laying claim towards the authentic ME. To date

Looking and finding gifts = all over, all the time

I went off to the local gym.. and at the robots close to my house I chatted to the guy selling the Big Issue. As I ride this road often we have got to chatting while I wait for the robot to change. On one occasion I have bought the Big Issue’ from him in

Judgement – who are your really being ?

Judgment is comparing something with some thing else and creating an opinion or conclusion about it. During a specific day we make hundreds of judgment decisions about a variety of things. It could be about how we look, how others look, about what we wear or don’t wear, about what we do and do not

Changing your relationship with things / events / experiences in order to release their hold over you.

Beliefs are generalizations we own based on our interpretation of previous experiences / insights we have had. This then becomes our ‘truth’ about the matter. Some examples could be that you failed at school and now you believe your are ‘stupid’. Or some one broke a trust relationship with you and you have now chosen