Changing your relationship with things / events / experiences in order to release their hold over you.

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Changing your relationship with things / events / experiences in order to release their hold over you.

Beliefs are generalizations we own based on our interpretation of previous experiences / insights we have had. This then becomes our ‘truth’ about the matter. Some examples could be that you failed at school and now you believe your are ‘stupid’. Or some one broke a trust relationship with you and you have now chosen not to trust anyone. Or you got stage fright once and now you believe you can not talk in front of crowds etc.. These experiences create beliefs you have about yourself and then these become your ‘truth’ and this then stops you from doing certain things or you end up changing your behavior to adjust to your ‘belief’. This is then ‘your truth’ and is not necessary the truth thought of by others about you. This belief which is, a thought lives in your inner world and this then impacts your outer world. For example if you believe you lack self confidence and have an inability to mix with people, you will avoid certain experiences involving people and in doing this you will keep your world small. Additional to this you will unlikely apply for jobs as you believe you are not competent enough to be able to perform at a job interview.     

A way of getting rid of a ‘limiting belief ‘ is to replace it with a ‘positive / expanding’ belief. For example “ I am competent and I can master new skills’. Another way of getting rid of the limiting belief is to own the reality that no two events/experiences can ever be the same. You are different, the environment is different, the people around you are different, no event in time and space can ever be the same and this is a fact.

Owning this reality changes ones thought about the belief and weakens it. For me if one changes your relationship with the belief you can also master power over it. For example if you have a limiting belief of ‘I am not good enough’ or you have self doubt then look at the belief and see if it served you in a ‘good’ way. So for me when I believed that I was not ‘good enough’ I was forever doing new things, breaking boundaries, taking up challengers, doing things that others seldom did, giving my best and continually looking for ways to expand into my GREATNESS. When I looked at the belief in this manner I realized that it was actually an ‘expanding’ belief for me and as I questioned myself on, would I have done and achieved all I had, had I not owned this belief? With changing my relationship with this belief I had a major AAAHHH moment where I acknowledge myself as an awesome being based on all I had done and with this my self doubt dissolved, (never mind the fact I realized it did not really exist it had been my false ‘truth’ about myself)

Ps remember once (before my day) everyone believed that the earth was flat… this was almost everyone’s truth… imagine the limitations this created… MAKES YOU THINK DOES IT NOT. Ps I wonder if the earth is really round…..

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