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CV Writing and Interviewing (onsite and online)

Learn the importance of a good conscise CV and how to prepare for the job interview


Career Planning – (onsite only)

Identify needs, hobbies, passions, career anchors , values etc as a means to assist one to plan a career with the view of doing something you love doing and getting paid while doing it.


Staffing of vacancies- (onsite only)

Learn how to create effective job adverts as well as the application of objective short listing and selection.


Job profiling- (onsite and online)

Job profiles are the cornerstones for effective Human Resource Management in any business. It assists with staffing, salary confirmation, performance reviews, induction, labour issues.


Crafts- (onsite only)

Join planned craft events or co opt events at your home or place of work .Regular new crafts are introduced.


DIY for Women- (onsite only)

Get a practical application of basic household maintenance and repair from trained trade people.