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What do Life Coaches do?

People often believe that they have reached the maximum capacity of what they can achieve on their own. This leaves them stuck and frustrated. Life Coaching is actually a way to expand that limited capacity, and tap into unlimited resources to help people get what they want. It is a way to help people get unstuck. During the session a specific objective is worked on and during the process different self empowerment tools are given to the client to work with. ie mind clearing, life wheel, goal setting, power of the word etc.  The coach has a tool box filled with an abundance of tools to support the client in terms of their different objectives. For me the whole process of life coaching is to move the client from where they find themselves right now towards where they want to go. This creates a solid foundation to start creating from. What an awesome way of creating. I also find so much time spent on exploring the past robs us of the present time from which we need to create from.  

Life Coaching is designed to help people see what the possibilities are and to empower them to make the right changes. It’s a place where you can discover what is possible and create new possibilities. It helps one to define what is important. The  focus is often on a person’s life and where they are stuck. This can relate to the work place, relationships with others, money matters, starting a business, planning for retirement and past experiences or fears in general.  Life is so much easier if there is someone to support you on your journey. Why do it alone? Maybe you need a Life Coach.     

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A big part of the Life Coaching process is helping people to understand the context in which they are in, and the circumstance that influence that context. So part of coaching is being able to step outside of that limitation and understand the context in which they are in. By changing the context we are able to see other possibilities. In doing so, a life coach create effectiveness. We create effectiveness in what is really important and promote taking the right actions that make the goal more powerful.

By understanding the impact of action, the impact of thought, and the environment, a Life Coach is able to understand what the powerful choices are at any given moment. They help facilitate making the best choices in any given time frame. The last thing that a Life Coach does is help people expand the sphere of influence they have. This expansion can happen through action. It can happen through ways of communicating etc.  With support of a consciousness life coach one is making the consciousness alive which is the feeding ground for creation of dreams into reality. 

Changing one area of one’s life has an impact on all the other areas and works on designing the life your truly want and deserve. Designing a new way of living in a place resonating with personal freedom.  Stop waiting give me a call so we can get creating. 

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