"Change your life, <br>from ordinary<br>to Extra-ordinary."

"Change your life,
from ordinary
to Extra-ordinary."

Hello dear reader welcome to my site. I'm Lyndel, author, motivational speaker and life design coach on a mission to inspire others to step into their GREATNESS.

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Life Coaching is designed to help people see what the possibilities are and to empower them to make the right changes. Choose one of our programmes to find a new way living in a place resonating with personal freedom


Personal Household Budgeting

Learn about fixed and variable expenses and then identify areas where you need to make changes that leaves you with money in your pocket.


Time Management

Learn to identify time wasters at home, in your life and work and at work then find solutions for you to manage yourself better. Also learn the value of living a balanced life.


Retirement Planning and Aging Matters

Get insights on ones attitude, actions can impact neuro pathways that promote longevity. additional to this know that retirement is the biggest career move yet requires the most planning.

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Undertaking and mastering this practice will result in radical life changes. Getting into this space takes you to a place of peace, joy and you become so more aware of what is happening around one! IT IS WOW BEING IN THE NOW

Lyndel Daly

Life Coach

I am an author, life design coach, speaker. My empowerment programmes have touched the lives of thousands of people.