Judgement – who are your really being ?

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Judgement – who are your really being ?

Judgment is comparing something with some thing else and creating an opinion or conclusion about it. During a specific day we make hundreds of judgment decisions about a variety of things. It could be about how we look, how others look, about what we wear or don’t wear, about what we do and do not do, what others do and what others do not do. However bonding with judgment allows one to learn a lot about what we as individuals like or do not like. For example I love the color blue but I do not like the colours orange, I prefer the summer to the winter. During our life journey and own experiences our judgment about things, events and people can change dramatically.

Irrespective of the above the judgment we make about other people fascinates me tremendously. It is a known fact that people make conclusions about some one in less than 2 min of meeting them. Scruffy shirt = they are poor, dirty nails= they do not take care of themselves, they stutter = they are unsure of themselves etc. The judgments we make are based our experiences, beliefs, conditioning, stereotyping etc. Yet the sad reality is that in most of the cases our judgment about people once we get to know them is totally wrong.

So your self coaching mission for this week is not to make judgments about the people you meet or observe. Watch them and put yourself in their shoes for a moment and just wonder what is driving their conversations, their behavior etc. By just stepping back and being neutral you will just get to a point of total acceptance. You can take up the challenge to stop and talk to a total stranger or to just smile, you will find a really bonding connection to all. The reality is that we all have so much in common with each other. We have a physical form, we have emotions, we have good and bad experiences, we all have good points and bad points and we are all on our own unique journey.

However when you are undertaking your ‘judgment scan’ and you are labeling people, or having negative feelings about them, stop and spend a moment and ask yourself what is it telling you about yourself. Do you see yourself superior to other people, if so why is it so and why do you believe you have to be? Or are there issues about yourself that you are not owning when you make these judgments?

Irrespective of the conclusions that you make you will learn something about yourself. Additional to this you would have extended yourself to learn something about some one else and in this process you to would have received a gift. 

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